• Alderney - The Homecoming
    A film documenting
    the return of the islanders
    after the evacuation

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  • Follow the fortunes of the tiny Essex Theatre
    where some of the biggest stars of British Stage & Screen were launched
    Watch on the BBCiplayer

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  • BBC East Inside Out
    The 50th Anniversary of the Discovery
    of Gas in the North Sea
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  • BBC East:
    The Dome
    A Secret of World War Two

    BBC East Sunday 17th May 2.55pm
    Stephen Fry reveals the secret of the Langham Dome in Norfolk.

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We are a multi-award winning video production company based in Norwich

with a 40 year track record of producing television for the likes of Channel 4, BBC 1 East, BBC 3, BBC 4, Channel 5, Animal Planet and ITV

We began in the dark ages when films were entertaining and television was worth watching, when programmes were made by sticking bits of celluloid together with sticky tape and social documentaries changed our views on life.

Over the course of the last 40 years in the business we’ve produced everything from award winning documentaries and comedy to children’s drama and groundbreaking multi platform projects… and had a lot of fun!

Eye Film and Television is a creative and versatile production company with a rich heritage. We’re based in the historic city of Norwich in the heart of East Anglia.

The HALO Trust
The HALO Trust

filming landmine clearance around the world

An amazing experience filming with the HALO Trust in parts of the world still struggling to survive years after conflicts have ended.

John Peel's Record Collection
John Peel's Record Collection

a feature documentary in development

Currently in the early stages of production, the documentary is the story of how one man’s unquenchable thirst for new music led him to champion ground breaking musical movements

Frank Our Founder
Frank Our Founder

Frank Prendergast, Eye Film and Television Founder (1947-2013)

Charlie remembers Frank Prendergast, our founder and friend, who’s creativity and generosity made Eye what it is today…


EPIC Studios, Magdelen Street
Norwich, NR3 1JD


08456 211 133

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